ABC Amber Outlook Converter

ABC Amber Outlook Converter 9.29

Convert and store Outlook e-mails in document format


  • Helps clean-out Outlook accounts and store e-mails in one place
  • Clearly presents saved e-mails in multiple formats including PDF and HTML
  • Includes attachments


  • Requires registration for updates


So many people's lives are organised around Outlook that anything that enhances it's use is welcome. ABC Amber Outlook Converter is intended to help you keep your important emails, newsletters, other important messages conveniently organized in one file and it does a really good job in doing so.

The best thing about this program is that if you want to convert an Outlook e-mail to another format or clean-out your inbox, you can easily.
It converts your emails from Outlook to several document formats including major ones such as PDF, HTML, RTF and DOC. The program generates the contents with bookmarks (in RTF and HTML) and also keeps the hyperlinks.
The conversion process is a simple process of selecting the required messages, choosing the document format to convert to and clicking the "Save As" button.

If you constantly find yourself struggling with Outlook accounts that are overloaded or too big, this is a very useful program. You can export hundreds of messages with attachments in minutes.
In particular, the export to PDF option is excellent - it creates a single PDF file which clearly displays each message subject title and a link to the full document including attachments.

There a few negatives in ABC Amber Outlook Convertor apart from the fact that to receive updates, you have to register but that's a small price to pay for an excellent Outlook tool that should be welcomed by overloaded office workers everywhere.

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ABC Amber Outlook Converter is designed to help you organize your information much more effectively. The application helps you keep your important emails, newsletters, and other important messages organized in one file.

ABC Amber Outlook Converter


ABC Amber Outlook Converter 9.29

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